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home_staatswappen_klPOLYTECHNIK is one of the leading suppliers of biomass-fired energy plants and famous for the design and installation of biomass-fired boiler plants and of biomass-fired CHP-plants. To use biomass as a renewable resource to produce heat and power is environmental-friendly, our technology gives a significant contribution to keep our world clean for further generations.


home_feuerauge_klPOLYTECHNIK offers biomass-combustion plants with boiler capacities between 300kW and 30.000kW per unit. Our plants are used for heat generation (district heat, process heat) with water, steam or thermal oil as heat transfer medium. Above that, we supply biomass power plants and biomass-fired CHP-plants with steam turbines or ORC-turbines and with an electric capacity of 200kWel up to 20.000kWel.

If required, we can also supply the fuel treatment system, like conveyors, chippers, etc. POLYTECHNIK is a well-known brand in the wood working industry for de-dusting units, filters and fire-extinguish systems with a high quality standard and designed for a long life-time.

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